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Best Wooden Cricket Bats for Turfs
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Siscaa Blaster Cricket Bat

Model Siscaa Blasters
For Turfs
Material Wooden
Uses best for professional games, tournaments.
Availability In Bulk and Exports
Scratch proof Yes

Professional Cricket Bats

Best Reviewed Professional Wooden Cricket Bats

If you’re looking for a classic wooden bat that’s perfect for playing with soft tennis balls, look no further than the Siscaa Classic Bats. These bats are crafted from high-quality wood and feature a single blade design that provides excellent balance and control. Here are some of the key specifications of the Siscaa Wooden Classic Bats:

Siscaa, is a sports manufacturing company in India with experience of more than 15 years. This has made us a successful leader in manufacturing and exporting the most demanded indoor game like carrom, chess sets across the world and now has entered the world of cricket. We have established ourselves as largest manufacturing unit of Wooden Cricket Bats

With a dedicated workforce of skills of wooden sports like Carrom Boards and Chess, introducing cricket is another feather to our hat.  We are resourceful to make creative and unique designs for our customers according to their needs. International buyers from countries like US, Canada, Japan, UAE, Singapore, Australia and most of Europe prefer Siscaa for its quality and brand and trust us repeatedly because of the incomparable designs, robust product packing and on-time delivery services.

We believe in customer satisfaction and our incredible services have led to many success stories.

We have accomplished the milestone of becoming the most trustworthy and professional Wooden Cricket Bat Manufacturers and Exporters in India.

Siscaa Bats

Best Wooden Cricket Bats Manufacturers in India

Siscaa Cricket Bat kit is the perfect destination for national and international players and club members, resorts, and residential areas for leisure, Siscaa wooden balance bats are known amongst Professional cricket players, beginners as well as kids. We cater to the demands all age groups of these groups. All cricket bats have a high end finish fully scratchproof and water resistant.

Siscaa Bats  is known for best professional Bats for tennis balls and seasoned balls for practice at premium rate.

  • Material: Made from premium quality wood, the Siscaa Classic Bats are both durable and lightweight. This makes them ideal for players who want a bat that’s easy to handle and won’t weigh them down during extended play sessions.
  • Blade Design: The single blade design of the Siscaa Classic Bats provides excellent balance and control, making it easier for players to place their shots accurately. The blade is also tapered for added strength, which means you can hit the ball with greater force without worrying about the bat breaking
  • Handle: The handle of the Siscaa Classic Bats is ergonomically designed for comfort, and features a non-slip grip that ensures you won’t lose control of the bat during play. The handle is also lightweight, so you won’t tire easily even after prolonged use
  • Length: The Siscaa Classic Bats are available in a range of lengths to suit players of all sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for you. Whether you’re a tall player or have a smaller stature, you’ll be able to find a bat that’s just right for you.
  • Ideal Gift for Board Game Enthusiasts: Our vintage cricket set comes in a hassle-free presentation.
Siscaa Bats

Why Siscaa Cricket Bats?

Crafted from natural high quality wood, our large cricket bat collections are available for turfs, soft tennis bats, hard tennis ball and other pro and premium options. It has a sturdy built that will last for generations.

Players Grade English Willow
Selected for grain structure and weight
Limited by willow availability
Bats individually tested to ensure 5 Star performance
Fitted with top-quality treble spring multi-piece cane handle for outstanding feel, flex and control

Specifically, these bats are high-end superior quality, hence can be used at national and international tournaments, club and many resorts for recreational outdoor game.

siscaa carrom
Siscaa Chess

Why Siscaa Sports Manufacturers?

Siscaa Bats is recommended by professional players for best cricket experience and appeal. It can be customized as per need. Bulk orders are accepted. The price of this board is quite budgeted. It is pocket friendly. Siscaa caters to the whole selling and retailing of Siscaa cricket bats sets. This comes with a black and natural wooden colour pawns. Magnetic Wooden Chess Board is in high demand due to its premium range. Siscaa Chess Set makes best – high end quality wooden cricket bats and sells them in bulk.

Siscaa is known to be pioneer in sports goods manufacturing, exporting & importing. Siscaa provides high quality, well-engineered and well-designed products. Siscaa makes good quality  board games and sells them in bulk for exports and retail. All board games have a high end finish fully scratchproof and waterproof.

They developed a well-organized network for distribution for all kind of carrom, chess, bats sports goods and accessories across the world. Siscaa  makes high-quality wooden board games in bulk for both export and retail. Siscaa has well-established sports goods export company that cater to their customers by providing an endless range of carom boards, chess, bats and many more Know More.

Siscaa Champion Fighter
Siscaa Exports And Sport Goods Dealers.

Siscaa  is a famous exporters to satisfy all your sports needs. The sports shop is equipped with all resources and facilities to export good products at wholesale in small and large quantities. Siscaa’s network enables them to cater to the clients’ different needs and fulfill their needs within the decided time period. Siscaa has well-established sports goods wholesaler company that cater to their customers by providing an endless range of carom boards. All carrom board have a high end finish fully scratch-proof and water-proof.

Good carrom boards by Siscaa Carrom are sold in bulk orders. For good carrom sports and accessories, the place to knock at is the store of Siscaa, a carrom sports goods dealer. Siscaa Carrom industries are manufacturers and exporters of good quality and smooth carrom boards. An ultimate destination for players, gymnasts and sports professionals, our sport shops take care of needs of one and all of these categories. Siscaa Carrom are manufactured at a very large scale. Siscaa Carrom makes good quality carrom boards in bulk for both export and retail.

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