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Striker Name Super Striker
Thickness 7.5 mm
Weight 15 gms
Used For Champions / Professional Players
Best On Indian Ply Carrom Boards


Venus Carrom

Best Quality Venus Carrom Board.

Super Striker is manufactured with Hard Resin.

It has smooth and Running so it moves fluently on the carrom.
Also a good stroke and grip you are getting in this so you get more control and command on striker is the Strength of this striker.

It is best used on Indian Ply Carrom Boards.

Siscaas Indian Ply Carrom Boards are

  • Venus,
  • Galaxy,
  • Pluto,
  • Jupiter,
  • Winit.
It has smooth and Running so it moves fluently on the carrom boards.
Also a good stroke and grip you are getting in this so you get more control and command on striker is the Strength of this striker.


Our Guarantee:

  • High-quality
  • Durable Carrom Board Striker
  • Variety of options in designs
  • Scratchproof
  • Waterprrof
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siscaa carrom pocket
Siscaa Venus

Why is Super Top Quality Striker By Siscaa

SISCAA has designed Super, top quality striker to work well on a heavy board. This Siscaa Carrom Striker is packaged in a little plastic box that keeps the striker safe and easy to store and transport, This Heavy Board Siscaa Carrom Striker is crafted from best quality grade acrylic with a thickness of 7.5 mm, making it excellent for professional players. It also weights 15 grams, making it heavy and ideal for use on Heavy Carrom Boards. It has a great colour and design. All of our items are of good quality and are

It weighs 15 grams, making it heavy and ideal for use on Heavy Carrom Boards.

  •  Made of top quality materials: These strikers are specially designed with standard material so that it does not get damaged even through continuous use.
  • They have the right amount of impact when striking the coins, that is why they are approved by top carrom board sporting authorities.
  •  Attractive design: The striker design is very appealing and understated so that you can play without getting too distracted.
  •  The colour and design of the striker may change
Siscaa Venus

Largest Carrom Strikers Manufacturers - Siscaa

The Largest Manufacturers and Supplier of Best quality Carrom Board Striker!
Since our inception, we have been supplying top-grade carrom striker India to thousands of delighted customers.

Our variety of carrom strikers have been created with exact specifications and attention to details for that engrossing game play experience. Often, our  Strikers is purchased for tournaments that have been won, and we are proud to be a part of such the triumphs.


Our Carrom Board Striker catalogue contains flawless set beautifully designed striker. Known for its High performance and smoothness our striker stand out.

From Players to championships, Siscaa Strikers have graced the game.

What more? Whether you are a seasoned player or a beginner, Siscaa is the oen stop shop around to meet your unique requirements.

From Grips to designs we cater to all needs of the carrom striker.You can select from colorful to 3D strikers.

Our quality experts check the box before preparing it for delivery at your doorstep.

Our Guarantee:

  • High-quality and durable Carrom Board Striker
  • Variety of options
  • Superior looks
  • High performances
  • Available in various grips
  • Mass Production


siscaa carrom venus kids 24 x 24
siscaa carrom
Siscaa Venus

Why Siscaa Carrom Strikers

  • Best in Quality and Durable

Siscaa carrom board strikers are known for its top quality and high durability.

  • Mass Production

Siscaa is known for a well-organized infrastructure for mass/bulk production of Siscaa Strikers

  • Experienced Team

With 30 + experience, Siscaa Carrom Board Strikers are manufactured utmost precision.

  • Scratch-proof And Water-proof

Siscaa Carrom Strikers are manufactured to provide commodity with a longer life-span.

  • Various Styles in Packaging

Siscaa Carrom Strikers are available in card board box, plastic box packaging, wooden box and customized box packing (only bulk).

Siscaa produces top quality strikers for carrom for professional competitions as well as carrom strikers for recreational use by children and families.

When it comes to sports, the first factor that is considered is quality. A sportsman will perform if the sport equipment he uses is of excellent quality and of the highest grade. Siscaa is known to build the trust and performance of such sportsmen.

Siscaa Venus
Siscaa – The Brand

Siscaa is a reputable and well established manufacturer and distributor of high-quality carrom boards, coins, and Strikers. With over 30+ years of experience in the industry, we have been the exclusive suppliers of strikers for carrom to international markets, and many largest retailers of the. Siscaa has 3 large production and well established and organized manufacturing Unit.

Siscaa has left an indelible imprint on the minds of the public. The traditional Carrom coin has been updated to appeal to a younger audience but at the same time maintains the zeal and zest in Sure Slam players. We are the Top Manufacturing Company of Carrom Strikers for various reasons, including best production, pricing, and novelty.

Our goal is to make playing carrom a better experience.

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