Other Accessories

Our other accessories include cricket bat, grip cones, mallets, bails and stumps. Our compassion for all sports has made us reach the top positon in not only Carrom but also Cricket game. Cricket has simply become one of the most watched and marketable games in the world. The number of spectators is increasing day by day and it has proved to be a revelation in all perspectives. It is the second most popular sport in the world only after football.

Cricket Bat

In the field of cricket, we specialize in the manufacture of cricket bats. Siscaa Cricket Bat are one of the most sought-after in the world and are used commonly exported internationally.

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The Siscaa bats have always been a hot property in the market due to its lightweight and the soft tilted end at the toe of the bat.

Cricket Stumps and Bails

We at Siscaa have designed our stumps and bail that can bear the hard ball impact.

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They are tried and tested and can be used for professional games as well as the backyard game with family and friends.

Cricket Mallets/Hammer

With our precise engineering we have come up with best mallets used in the cricket game.

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The manufacturers of stumps ensure that the mallets could provide the same impact to ground the stump that does not damage the stump with any hit. Try our exclusive collection in cricket mallets also known as cricket hammer.

Cricket Grip cones

We have designed our grips cones such that they are ideal for fast and easy fitting of on cricket bat handle.

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A bat care is important for a long life of cricket bat.
We are the best trending cricket accessories manufacturing unit and we have created an exceptionally good range for these products as well. Siscaa is a one stop shop for all the cricket accessories.