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Best Lockdown Activity For Family – Carrom

We are in the third phase of lockdown in India and recently “I am bored” has steep curve that the cases of Covid-19 in India itself. It’s fascinating to see how every person I speak to has already given up on doing some activity or are frustrated of repeating the same activity again and again.

However, it is important to acknowledge that in this lockdown, self-isolation or quarantine is one of the key strategies in “flattening the curve” of infection rates, decided to do a short research for all those people who are locked down at home and wondering what next can be done.

Recent Searches Graph according to Google

Google suggests that maximum search on words like “activities during lockdown” or “activities to do at home” has drastically increased in last 45-50 days.  And also, these activities are more or less similar, as there is not much to do at home with family all together. Either it is kids friendly or adult friendly. That rises the question “ Nothing that caters to all age?”

A detailed research started and I happened to stumble upon a jackpot. – A game for all ages. The craze for Youtubers and Facebook channels to show their skills on Carrom boards has considerably increased.

To begin with, Carrom has its origin from the time of the rule of rajas and maharajas. I believed that its craze in India seems to be comparatively less, until I started by Initernet archeology, diggings out facts. Shocking revelation, INDIAN GAME IS ONE OF THE POPULAR GAME IN EUROPEAN COUNTRIES, CANADA AND U.S.A. (thanks to Team SISCAA , to help me in this research work and explore the world’s interest)

What happened in India to this Indian Game. Well, no one will be happy if I say the lockdown benefitted something apart from breaking the chain of Covid -19, it brought back the interest of Indians to this Indigenous game Carrom.

Facebook and Youtube – Exploring Carrom Skills

Talking about Facebook, I happened to be a part of one such facebook live session myself, where the mastery of some skills on Game were shown. Interestingly, there were more than thousand people including me, who became a part of this session. Couldn’t stop thinking about the marketing strategy of that particular page, but interest that it has in the Indian population was something I was keen in.

What about Youtube? Thanks to the data analyst, in my suggestions on Youtube, I was suggested  ‘How to improve your Carrom Game for beginner ’video, cannot deny that it was interesting. Well, I subscribed to one such channel STRIKE AND POCKET, where Mr. ASHRAF has indeed a splendid job of easing out every shot that a professional player would perform in tournaments.

So how does this article help? I realized that it’s important for all those readers, who are increasing the search on words like activities for all age groups, try your hand on Carrom. Sure thing, your kids will be interested to learn something new and you would like spend you quality time smiling, winning, loosing, laughing, playing and most of all BONDING WITH FAMILY.

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