How To Buy Best Carrom


Being a part of Siscaa Carrom – The Giants of Carrom Board Manufacturers, Carrom Coins, Strikers and other Accessories, there are few interesting points that are missed while selecting a carrom board.

From buying Carrom online for self or for a wholesaler, it is important to know what makes a carrom board brand. Siscaa Carrom Brand are massive exporters to National and International Sports Company.  A board game like Carrom Board has huge demand in India as well as Europe. It is mostly used for leisurely game but the impact of Carrom Federations has brought interest in the best carrom player.


After having graced the National and International Carrom tournaments Siscaa Carrom was honoured and appreciated by players all over the world.  However There are some points that needs to be noticed when buying a best quality carrom Board.

There are ideally 4 key dimensions in a Carrom board. When these come together in sync, we get the best Carrom board which can be used for all purpose like tournaments, recreational games, school and other educational places.

To understand the best Carrom we need to understand these key elements.


  1. The Surface of the carrom:

Siscaa Carrom board made of wood. The surface is plain wooden ply with no bumps and the ideal design printed for the Carrom game. There are also so variations that have tried to replace the olden wooden surface with glass and marble. But the wooden game is professionally used in all tournaments.


  1. The size of the carrom:

Carrom is available in only 2 sizes. Carrom board for kids that is usually 24 X 24 inch and carom board of 30×30 inch which is used by adults. Professionally there can be less or no change in this size as this is the standard size as per the rules of the Carrom board association.


  1. The Frame of the carrom:

The frames can vary in thickness and in colours. However it does not change a lot in a game but plays an important role while buying, the thickness starts with 4mm to 36mm-40mm.


  1. The accessories:

The major role is played by the accessories of the Carrom i.e the Carrom coins and striker.the weight and thickness of the coins vary on the basis of their use. But they should be of same weight and thickness if they belong to the same box. Carrom stand, yet another accessory is bought from the same company to avoid the compatibility issues with board. This is prominent in by SISCAA CARROM and ACCESSORIES


How to know if the board is best board or not?


  1. how to Check the Surface of the carrom board:

The surface of the Carrom board needs to be made of a ply and has to be dead flat. It should have no bumps and should have a very smooth texture. Siscaa Carrom suggests that it is preferable if you buy a waterproof Carrom board.


  1. how to Check the frames of the carrom board:

The frames can vary in their height and width according to Siscaa Carrom Board. Like discussed in the key elements of the game, it does not change the game but holds a vital role. The more the thickness of the ply the more stability it shows while playing a game. A thicker frame is also helpful in rebound. Rebound is essential game tactic. If the frame size is apt it will change the game giving a good rebound. Ideal size used by the tournaments national and internationally is a 20mm champion board. You can check this link for further image guidance.


  1. how to Corners of the carrom board:

The corners of the Carrom board should be round and should have a good finishing. This is important for a coin to be pocketed. Variation in this can obstruct the coin to get in the pocket. Hence Siscaa Carrom manufacturing is as per the European standards.


  1. how to check The Accessories of the carrom board:


  1. Carrom Coins:

The best coins are the once which have same sizes in a box. You might have difference in width and weight as variation, based on which purpose the coins are bought. The coins should be of same weight and thickness if they belong to one box. The best way to check this is by piling up the entire coins one above the other and check the size and thickness of each coin. If they vary, it is not the ideal buy. Refer to this link for varity in coins.

  1. Striker:

A striker needs to be of hard plastic and should not have cracks underneath. It is expected to have one striker per player. Hence you can take a design of your choice. You can either buy it separately or can go for a combo offers introduced by some company.


  1. how to Check the colour of the carrom board and accessories :


If you really wish to buy a worthy Carrom board its essential that you give your money to a durable and long lasting product. You can predict the durability by checking the colour on the board and the accessories. The best way to judge is by rubbing your hands on the coins, if the color runs out, your search does not end, try to find a better set of coins. The same applies with the print on the board. It is essential to notice the print on the Carrom board is clear and doesn’t bear cracks. If it does, it might wear out in sometime and can affect the judgments while playing.


These are some important elements that can be checked and thought before buying the best quality carom board or carom accessories like carom coins, strikers etc. Siscaa Carrom, thus through this  article shed lights on the important element so as to create awareness about the most finished and best carom board like SISCAA.


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