Bulldog Carrom Coin

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Bulldog coins

Specification Detail
Model Bulldog Coins
Thickness 9 mm
Packing Wooden Box
Used for Leisure in Clubs / Resorts & Societies

Bulldog Siscaa coins are good carrom board coins for practice in clubs and resorts and mostly used for practice. The thickness of the carrom coin is 9mm, which is on point. It has wooden box packaging. It consists of 24 coins in total. The coins are made of wood. They are best used on Indian Ply and English Ply carrom Board. These are good carrom board coins are bought by clubs and resorts. Bulldog coins are used at by leisure and practice.

They complement all range of Siscaa carrom boards. They are highly durable, scratch proof and waterproof. Siscaa carrom coins can be enjoyed by club members, resorts, and societies for leisure.

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Good Carrom board Coins for Practice - Bulldog By Siscaa

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Why Siscaa Bulldog Carrom Coins?

Bulldog Siscaa carrom coins are the good and affordable of all the other coins category. These were designed specifically for clubs and societies. Beginners also prefer these for leisure practices. They are smooth finished and are long-lasting. These coins are safe for the environment. The carrom coin set comprises eleven black coins, eleven white coins, and two red coins.

The Siscaa Bulldog carrom coins are made of wood. The Siscaa Bulldog  coins have a good quality surface that makes them ideal for no-friction gameplay. The coins are well-designed and made of the finest quality of wood available. The minimum standard age for these coins is 3 years.

They work well on a carrom board made of Indian ply or English ply. Clubs and Resorts for practice purchase these carrom coins as leisure. These are good, carrom board coins for practice will appeal to youth, teens, children, learners, and people of all ages. These coins are designed specifically for children and others who are new to the game of carrom. These are inexpensive and easily accessible to the general public.

The Bulldog Siscaa carrom coin set has 11 black coins, 11 white coins, and 2 red queen coins. They are affordable wooden coins for clubs and resorts.

The carrom coin is 9 mm thick, which is exactly right. It comes in a wooden box pack. There are a total of 24 coins in this set.

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Siscaa Carrom Coins Demand

  • Best in Quality

Our priority and earnest commitment is to offer nothing but the best.

  • Mass Production

Siscaa is known for a well-organized infrastructure for mass/bulk production of Siscaa Coins

  • Experienced Team

With 20 + experience, Siscaa Carrom Coins are manufactured utmost precision.

  • Scratch-proof And Water-proof

Siscaa Carrom Coins are manufactured to provide commodity with a longer life-span.

  • Various Styles in Packaging

Siscaa Carrom Coins are available in cardboard box, plastic box packaging, wooden box and customized box packing.

Siscaa produces best coins for carrom for professional competitions as well as carrom coins for recreational use by children and families.

When it comes to sports, the first factor that is considered is quality. A sportsman will perform if the sports equipment he uses is of excellent quality and of the highest grade. Siscaa is known to build the trust and performance of such sportsmen.

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Why Siscaa Carrom Coins Industry

Siscaa is a reputable and well-established manufacturer and distributor of high-quality carrom boards, coins, and Strikers. With over 30+ years of experience in the industry, we have been the exclusive suppliers of best coins for carrom to international markets, and many largest retailers of the. Siscaa has 3 large productions and well established and organized manufacturing Unit.

Siscaa has left an indelible imprint on the minds of the public. The traditional Carrom coin has been updated to appeal to a younger audience but at the same time maintains the zeal and zest in legend players. We are the Best Carrom coins Manufacturing Company for various reasons, including best production, pricing, and novelty.


Our goal is to make playing carrom a better experience.

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Siscaa Exports And Sport Goods Dealers.

Siscaa  is a famous exporters to satisfy all your sports needs. The sports shop is equipped with all resources and facilities to export good products at wholesale in small and large quantities. Siscaa’s network enables them to cater to the clients’ different needs and fulfill their needs within the decided time period. Siscaa has well-established sports goods wholesaler company that cater to their customers by providing an endless range of carom boards. All carrom board have a high end finish fully scratch-proof and water-proof.

Good carrom boards by Siscaa Carrom are sold in bulk orders. For good carrom sports and accessories, the place to knock at is the store of Siscaa, a carrom sports goods dealer. Siscaa Carrom industries are manufacturers and exporters of good quality and smooth carrom boards. An ultimate destination for players, gymnasts and sports professionals, our sport shops take care of needs of one and all of these categories. Siscaa Carrom are manufactured at a very large scale. Siscaa Carrom makes good quality carrom boards in bulk for both export and retail.

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