Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to ship the order?

Usually it takes 7 – 10 working days to ship a Carrom board at a domestic level. Internationally it is shipped and hence can take 20-25 days to deliver. However you can write us at,  and provide us with your location for an estimated date of delivery.

Do you ship outside India?

We have our dealers in EUROPEAN countries, USA, CANADA, BAHRAIN, AUSTRALIA

How to choose the best Carrom?

The best Carrom is judged with 4 key points. The frame size, the rebounce, size of the pocket and the accessories you use.  For further details you can read our article.

What do you provide in a holistic carrom experience?

A Carrom game is complete when you have a Professional Carrom board like Siscaa, with Carom men and striker, along with foldable lampshade and Carom stand.

Can I purchase only Carrom men and strikers?

We are professional manufacturers of Carrom men and strikers. You can place your order for the same in bulk.

Do you cater to individual orders?

We have our dealers PAN india hence individual orders can be catered to.

What is the price range of Carrom board?

We have varying categories in Carom board. It ranges from recreational purposes for kids and society or for professional purposes like tournaments.  You can write us on for details on the price range of a particular category.

Who are your clients?

we are suppliers to biggest sports good company Decathlon, Black ash (Canada) and many more. You can check Our major Clients here.

Is your company government certified?

We are not only certified but also recognized Carrom board companies by various national and internatiol federation. You and read Our Achievements here.

What are the standard rules that you follow?

There are few easy rules and fouls that you need to follow while playing a Carrom game. For details read our article Carrom – The Recreational Sport For All

Which Carrom do professionals players use?

The National and International Tournaments are usually Played on Siscaa Champion Fighter Carrom 20mm.

How can I judge a Carrom board before buying it?

Check This link to understand HOW TO BUY THE BEST CARROM.

How to know if the Carrom board needs to be changed?

A Carrom is best judged with its key elements – the frame, the surface, the pocket. Bump or cracks on the surface, no smooth surface, the pins of the boards are visible, the paint have run out, these are few cases in which you need to think about the need for a new board.

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