siscaa Tournament Carrom

Best club carrom Board (fast rebound)




Model Tournament
Frame 3 x 2 inches (fast)
Indian Ply 30 x 30 inches
Thickness of the Ply 8 mm /12mm /16mm/ 20mm
Uses Full size, Best for Clubs Resorts
Rebounds Smooth finish, 4/5 rounds of rebound (fast)
Colour of the frame.

Scratch proof

Water proof

Black big borders/Frame



siscaa carrom boardSiscaa Tournament – Fast rebound Best carrom Board clubs and Resorts.

Tournament Siscaa Carrom Board Range, is one of the best and pocket friendly carom boards. This carrom board is the best buy for clubs, resorts and societies. The frame of Tournament Carrom Board is 3 x 2 inches for fast rebound. The ply (playing surface) used is 30×30 inches. This Carrom is used in carrom clubs, resorts, residential areas and professional carrom players. Siscaa TOURNAMENT is branded, known for its visual appeal. It is made on wooden Indian ply. The thickness of this ply is 8 mm /12mm /16mm/ 20mm. this is a heavier width of the playing surface which ensure the board doesn’t bend. when there is thickness of the ply its is more durable and long lasting than other board.

Siscaa is the perfect destination for club members, resorts, and residential areas for leisure, Professional carrom players, beginners, children, home, beginners and adults, of all ages. We cater to the demands all of these groups. All carrom board have a high end finish fully scratchproof and waterproof.

Siscaa Tournament is known for big size wooden Carrom Board at reasonable rate. The playing surface is 30×30 inches with Indian ply as per requirement. Club board is made of 8 mm/ 12mm/ 16mm /20mm ply. One can find Affordable carrom board for carrom players, club houses and resorts with sturdy and smooth finish. Upto 4/5 rounds of rebounds. This board falls under the fast board. Siscaa Carrom Boards are mass-produced in vast quantities.


tournament 12mm

TOURNAMENT Carrom Board is big full size wooden fast carrom board used in club and resort. It is for multi-level practice. It is famous as best club carrom board. It used by players for visual appeal and swift rebound. It can be used for resorts and carrom clubs and professional carrom players. Specifically, this board is affordable hence can be used at carrom players, carrom club and many resorts for recreational indoor game. It has a very smooth surface with best rebounds. You can avail TOURNAMENT with thick black color border. Because of its affordability, TOURNAMENT Carrom Board is known name among clubs members and carrom players. All of the carrom boards have a high-end finish that is scratch-resistant and waterproof.

Demand and Price.

Siscaa TOURNAMENT Carrom is recommended by professional carrom players for best club carrom board. It can be customized as per need. Bulk orders are accepted. The price of this board is quite reasonable. This board is budgeted. It is pocket friendly. Siscaa caters to the whole selling and retailing of TOURNAMENT carrom Board. This comes with a black colour border. TOURNAMENT Carrom Board is in high demand due to its reasonable range. Siscaa Carrom makes best – high end quality carrom boards and sells them in bulk.

siscaa carrom

WHY Siscaa Carrom Industry?

Siscaa is known to be pioneer in sports goods manufacturing, exporting & importing. Siscaa provides high quality, well-engineered and well-designed products. Siscaa Carrom makes good quality carrom boards and sells them in bulk for exports and retail. All carrom board have a high end finish fully scratchproof and waterproof.

They developed a well-organized network for distribution for all kind of carrom sports goods and accessories across the world. Siscaa Carrom makes high-quality carrom boards in bulk for both export and retail. Siscaa has well-established sports goods export company that cater to their customers by providing an endless range of carom boards, also known as carom men. Know More.


Siscaa  is a famous exporters to satisfy all your sports needs. The sports shop is equipped with all resources and facilities to export good products at wholesale in small and large quantities. Siscaa’s network enables them to cater to the clients’ different needs and fulfill their needs within the decided time period. Siscaa has well-established sports goods wholesaler company that cater to their customers by providing an endless range of carom boards. All carrom board have a high end finish fully scratchproof and waterproof.

Good carrom board by Siscaa Carrom are sold in bulk orders. For good carrom sports and accessories, the place to knock at is the store of Siscaa, a carrom sports goods dealer. Siscaa Carrom industries are manufacturers and exporters of good quality and smooth carrom boards. An ultimate destination for players, gymnasts and sports professionals, our sport shops take care of needs of one and all of these categories. Siscaa Carrom are manufactured at a very large scale. Siscaa Carrom makes good quality carrom boards in bulk for both export and retail.