Siscaa is the sole suppliers of carrom boards and coins to Decathlon

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Authorised Board for U.S carrom Association (USCA), Canada Carrom Association and Korea Carrom Association
Equipment partner at the 47th Senior National & Inter-State Carrom Championship 2018-2019

Official board for the first ever Carrom Premier League to be held in U.S.A in March 2019

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  • Treat your gaming experience with our Siscaa Champion Fighter Carrom Boards and Legend Special Edition Carrom Coins. Player’s Favourite and Carrom Federation’s choice.
  • Official Equipment Partner for 48th Senior National and Inter-State Carrom Championship 2019-20 held in Jalgaon  – Feb 2020
  • Siscaa Legend Special Edition Carrom Coins in 8th Carrom ICF Cup, India 2019
  • Number 1 seller of Carrom Coins and Carrom Strikers in India. Contact us for business enquiries.

Why Siscaa Carrom?

Known for its smooth playing surface and excellent re-bounce.

Highly recommended for all tournaments and other champion purposes by all the professional Carrom players.

With sturdy reinforcements at the boards back to enhance flatness and avoid warping.

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About Us

We at Siscaa Carroms Board have designed the game to establish and continue the craze that the game Carom has carried for generations. We are sole manufacturers who have in span of just 8 Years made a brand that is yet to be challenged by any other design and manufacturers. Carom Board Manufacturers dedicate time and energy to just create the squared shape game. But we at siscaa caroms have decided to go a step beyond and challenge the existent norm. Siscaa Manufacturers have nurtured the game with all amenities and the product has be a popular name in Champion Players. Every latest top tournament has a brand that is of export quality of European Standards.

In the world where everyone wants be be a part of digital world there are some essence that still connects everyone together. Carom game is one such game where the family comes together plays together

Within 3 years of establishment, Siscaa has become the largest manufacturer of carrom boards in India under the guidance and direction of Mr Atul Mehra. Our carrom boards are known for the fast rebound, scratch proof and waterproof playing surface & long lasting wooden frame.
To maintain the quality and precision of our boards and coins we have in house Kiln seasoning plant to season our woods to deliver the best quality product. We have state of the art plant and machinery to support the flow of product line and enhance efficiency.

Our Products

Manufacturers of Sports Goods with Bulk orders as well as retail Pricing
Choose from the variety of products:

1. Carom Board
Large range of CARROM BOARDS with European standards is our USP. You can choose from
the varieties depending on their size and width.

2. Carom Board Coins
Also known as Carom men are set of 19 Coins There are a total of 18 black and
white coins on a carom board. Of the 18 coins, nine coins are white in color and the other
nine coins are black in color. The white coins are also referred to as unstained coins.
PROFESSIONAL Carrom Coins are available in varied range and price at siscaa. Select from
best designs and novel ideas for making a better carom game experience. Manufacturing of
Carrom coins in India has tremendously increased and is now used in export. Siscaa has
raised the standards of carom coins

3. Carom Board Striker
The strikers are made up of plastics and they cost around 200–250 rs. The process
associated with manufacturing of the striker such as heating& melting, compressing,
cutting, finishing,etc adds the cost to it. Striker are the very integral for the carom Game.
Siscaa Carrom strikers are professionally used at tournaments and are used by big Sports
industries like Decathelon.
Choose from the best strikers available in large variants and price.

4. Carom Board Stands
Metal Carrom Stand is black in colour and is used for easy mounting of carrom boards. Established in
the year 2015 and based in Mumbai, we are a renowned manufacturer and trader of sports
equipment such as carrom boards, Carrom Strikers and Carrom stands
The only way to start a good carrom game off the ground is from a sturdy stand. Sturdy Carroms
stands are produced in Siscaa Manufacturers of sports equipment.

5. Carom Board Lamp shade
This Carrom Board Lamp Shade comes loaded with all the equipment required for
mounting the lampshade over the carrom board, to provide proper lights. Some are
strongly built for the tournaments.
Be mesmerized with the variants provided for carom lamp shade at affordable prices in

6. Cricket bat
Over the years, the number of bat manufacturing companies has increased immensely. With
the amount of cricket being played today all over, almost every brand is well known.
Moreover, the advent of T20 cricket has increased the importance of bats, with a range of
sizes and weights to play more unorthodox shots.

7. Cricket accessories.
Cricket game is incomplete without it accessories. We are top manufacturers of Cricket
stumps and bails, stump base, cricket bat grip cone and cricket bat hammer. One stop shop
for all the accessories of cricket game.

About the Director

Mr. Atul Mehra


Mr Atul Mehra has experience of 30 years in this industry, and with an undying passion, he is driven to provide the best quality carrom accessible to the general mass at an economical rate. In the long run, he dreams to grow the industry to a level where the employment goes beyond 500 workers as he considers Siscaa to be a socially responsible organisation.

The Carrom Game

Carrom is most easily described as "finger pool". On a 29" x 29" wooden board, players flick
a large weighted disc (the striker) at smaller wooden discs (the carrom-men). The goal is to
sink your 9 carrom-men (black or white), as well as the red Queen, in the four corner
pockets. The first player or team to accomplish this collects points for the round (commonly
called a "board"). A standard game of Carrom continues until one player has 25 points or 8
boards have been completed.

Carrom is typically played with powder, and some variations of the game use cues. The most widely played form of "proper" Carrom is supported by a worldwide set of rules known as The Laws of Carrom, and are available from the International Carrom Federation.
Carrom bears similarities to Pool and Crokinole, but is a fascinating game in its own right
with varied strategies and techniques. No one knows exactly where the game originated.

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